Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is comprised of four Sections: Capital Improvement, Inspections, Stormwater Management, and Traffic Engineering.

Capital Improvement

The Capital Improvement Section plans, designs, and administers engineering contracts for City and subsidiary district capital improvement projects, including those that are State and Federally funded.


The Inspections Section is responsible for the enforcement of the City Engineering standards through inspection to ensure that the vision of the City Council is being met. The City Engineering Inspectors are responsible for the City’s Engineering Capital Improvement construction, private construction, and all of the City’s infrastructure installation.

Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Management Section is responsible for the development and implementation of comprehensive stormwater pollution prevention activities. The City of Encinitas Clean Water Program serves to protect and enhance the quality of local surface waters including our creeks, lagoons, and beaches along the Pacific Ocean.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Section is primarily responsible for implementing policy involving pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic movement. The section responds to citizen comments and inquiries regarding traffic-related issues, as well as plans, designs, and implements traffic control devices. 

Christopher L. Magdosku
City Engineer
P: (760) 633-2770
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505 S. Vulcan Ave Encinitas, CA 92024

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