Development Services

Development Services encompasses those services that are applicable to an applicant. The core functions of the section include the following:

  • Project management for discretionary applications
  • Project management for ministerial permits/plan review
  • Ensuring structural safety
  • Conducts environmental review (CEQA)
  • Administers land use codes and regulations
  • Counter and online services for inquires and assistance
  • Inspection and licensing services
  • Manages the Citizen Participation Program
  • Supports the Planning Commission  

The divisions that fall within Development Services include the following:

Community & Project Assistance Center

This division is responsible for public counter activity, responding to inquiries regarding land use and zoning issues, review of building permit plan checks for zoning compliance, implementation of the Citizen Participation Program, and coordinating customer issues between the development services departments. In addition, Customer Service/Public Counter coordinates the City’s Green Building Incentive Program, façade grant program and processes Heritage Tree Nominations.

Discretionary Permits

This division is responsible for reviewing discretionary land development proposals (i.e. design review permits, subdivision maps, use permits, Coastal Development Permits, etc.), ensuring compliance with City's General Plan and Specific Plans, local zoning regulations, Local Coastal Program, State Subdivision Map Act, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and other applicable local and state regulations. The division provides staff support to the Planning Commission, assists the public and responds to inquiries regarding land use and zoning issues.

Building Permits

The Building Division provides plan check, permitting and building inspection services for the City. Building permit and inspections services are provided under contract with the EsGil Corporation.