The Engineering Division is comprised of four Sections: Capital Improvement, Development Review, Inspections, and Traffic Engineering. The following provides a summary of the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department.

Capital Improvement Section

Encinitas Blvd. safe route to school construction.The Capital Improvement Section plans, designs, and administers engineering contracts for City and subsidiary district capital improvement projects, including those that are State and Federally funded.
Typical City capital improvement projects include street improvements, drainage improvements, sewer improvements, annual street maintenance programs, fire, facilities, and park and recreation facilities.

Contact: Deputy Director Ed Deane, 760-633-2872

Development Review Section

Neptune Ave. secant shoring - Encinitas land development.The Development Review Section reviews, approves, and permits Grading and Public Improvement plans for private development. The Section also reviews and issues permits for private construction in the public right-of-way, encroachments in public right-of-way, beach encroachments (seawall), news racks, public utility construction, and outdoor dining. The Section reviews all building permit applications and plans for Engineering-related concerns, and calculates and collects permit, plan check, inspection, traffic mitigation, utility undergrounding in-lieu, and flood control fees.

Contact: Senior Engineer Masih Maher, 760-633-2776

Inspections Section

The Inspections Section is responsible for the enforcement of the City Engineering standards through inspection to ensure that the vision of the City Council is being met.

The City Engineering Inspectors are responsible for the City’s Engineering Capital Improvement construction, private construction represented by utility permits, grading and improvement plans and all of the City’s infrastructure installation. The Engineering field inspectors monitor grading, public improvement, and construction permits, utility permits, encroachment permits, and sewer construction permits. Further, the Engineering field inspectors conduct routine stormwater compliance inspections as required by applicable State mandates and local codes.

Contact: Deputy City Engineer Greg Shields, 760-633-2778

Traffic Engineering Section

The Traffic Engineering Section is primarily responsible for implementing policy involving pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic movement. The section responds to citizen comments and inquiries regarding Street maintenance technician installs a sign at a crosswalk on Quail Gardens Dr.traffic-related issues, as well as plans, designs, and implements traffic control devices.
The Traffic Engineering Section provides traffic management services to the traveling public so they can enjoy a safe and efficient transportation system. To that end, the Section is responsible for the development, monitoring, and implementation of traffic improvements in the City. The Section provides for the safe movement of users of the City's circulation system, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. This Section also provides staff support to the Traffic and Public Safety Commission and technical support to the Planning Commission and City Council as needed.

Contact: Traffic Engineer Rob Blough, 760-633-2705