El Portal Grade Separated Pedestrian Rail Crossing

Time Line: Project construction is anticipated to begin in 2019Graphic drawing of El Portal Grade Separated Crossing

Phase: Project Background

Location: Leucadia Blvd and Encinitas Blvd

Description: This project will complete the design and construction of a grade separated pedestrian and bicycle rail crossing near El Portal Street in Leucadia. 

Owner of Project: City of Encinitas

Why: This area of the has a high number of residents wishing to safely cross the rail corridor without having to travel out of direction to either Leucadia Boulevard or Encinitas Boulevard. The two main attractions in the area are Paul Ecke Central Elementary School, and the businesses along North Coast Highway; the installation of this crossing will facilitate the safe access to both.

What is needed from the public: During project development, there will be several opportunities for the public to comment on the project. The public will be able to comment on general aesthetic, and landscaping of the site (in conformance with the City’s drought tolerant plant listing. They will also be informed as to the safety features to be installed with the crossing.

Input: To offer input, contact Project Manager, Ed Deane, Deputy Director, Phone: (760) 633-2872 or email: [email protected]