Our Mission

To deliver safe, reliable water in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Vision
To anticipate and plan for evolving regulatory requirements, water supply and demand, and customer expectations by effectively and responsibly managing our organization and water resources.

Our Value – Our Customers
Our customers are the foundation of the San Dieguito Water District, and we place great value in providing them with such a vital resource. Knowing that, we commit to providing exceptional service, performed by a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce, and making responsible, transparent decisions with the best interests of our customers in mind.

At the August 15, 2018 District Board meeting, the San Dieguito Water District Fiscal Year 2018/19 (FY19) Strategic Plan (Plan) was accepted by the Board of Directors.  The Plan serves as a guide for the District as we strive to continuously meet the District’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  Specific objectives were established for each of the District’s five Strategic Focus Areas.  A summary of the objectives along with their current status is shown below.  The entire Plan can be found here.

Fiscal Responsibility Focus Area

Goal: Develop and maintain financial plans and policies that ensure that the District is always working in a fiscally responsible, transparent, and sustainable manner.

FY19 Objectives Responsible Division Status
Conduct Update to Water Rate Study Administration 100% complete
Update Asset Valuation Study Engineering/Administration Not yet started
Update Long-term CIP Plan Administration 100% complete
Complete Budget Development Administration 100% complete
Complete Fee and Charge Study Administration 70% complete







Customer Service, Education, and Outreach Focus Area

Goal: Provide quality service to our customers by being responsive to their needs and communicating with them through active education and outreach programs.

FY19 Objectives Responsible Division Status
Sponsor 2 landscape workshops Administration 100% complete
Attend 2 water conservation events Administration 100% complete
Produce 6 Constant Contact Newsletters Administration 67% complete
Participate in the North County Water Agencies 4th Grade Poster Contest Administration 100% complete
Complete Public Works Yard demonstration landscape project Engineering 60% complete
Conduct an Advanced Metering Infrastructure Pilot Program Operations 30% complete








Organizational Effectiveness Focus Area

Goal: Develop and retain a knowledgeable and well-trained workforce and continuously review and update the District’s policies, procedures, and work methods in order to find opportunities to increase efficiencies.

FY19 Objectives Responsible Division Status
Complete SDWD's Administrative Code Update Administration 90% complete
Complete a cross-training program (Maintenance to Systems) Operations 50% complete
Send 2 employees to supervisor/management training Administration/Operations 100% complete
Update SDWD's Standard Operating Procedures Manual Operations 100% complete
Continue working with OMWD and SFID on potential areas for collaboration Administration/Operations/Engineering Ongoing







Asset Management Focus Area

Goal: Plan, prioritize, and adequately fund the maintenance and replacement of the District’s infrastructure, equipment, and facilities in order to maximize useful life of the assets in a cost effective manner.

FY19 Objectives Responsible Division Status
Complete Homeland Security SCADA System Audit Operations 100% complete
Implement a pipeline assessment program Engineering/Operations 100% complete
Complete design of the transmission main air release and blow-off replacement project Engineering Not yet started
Complete transmission main anode bed replacement project Operations/Engineering 30% complete
Complete 12" valve replacement on Santa Fe Drive Engineering 75% complete
Complete N. Coast Hwy 101 10" main replacement project Engineering 100% complete
Complete design of Requeza/Bonita valve replacement project Engineering Not yet started









Water Quality and Sustainability Focus Area

Goal: Provide District customers with high quality water from a diverse, reliable, and sustainable water supply portfolio.

FY19 Objectives Responsible Division Status
Complete Annual Consumer Confidence Report Administration 100% complete
Comply with SB7X-7 (20% by 2020) or any new State-mandated water use reduction requirements Administration Ongoing
Complete Potable Reuse/Recycled Water Expansion Study Administration 100% complete
Complete Public Health Goals Report Administration 100% complete