Development Services Public Notices

The following public notices have been issued for open public review and comment periods, and upcoming hearings.

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City Council Hearing Notices

Hearing on September 26, 2018

Introduction to City Council Ordinance No.2018-12
Case #15-141 ZA/SPA/LCPA       Notice

Planning Commission Hearing Notices    

Hearing on September 20, 2018

Summit Estates
1480 Summit Avenue    Case #17-071 TPM/DR/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Hearing on October 4, 2018

Valley General Plan Amendment
2435 5th Street     Case #18-047 ZA/GPA/LCPA    Notice    Project Info

Eck Duplex
2588 & 2588 /12 San Elijo Avenue     Case #18-027 DR/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Glen Map Modification
1022 Sidonia Street     Case #18-116 TPMMOD/DRMOD/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Administrative Hearing Notices

There are currently no notices

Administrative Application Notices 

Review period ending September 24, 2018

ALDI, Inc.
333 N. El Camino Real     Case #18-122 ADR     Notice     Project Info

Environmental Notices

There are currently no notices

Finding of Substantial Conformance

AT&T Wireless
1050 Regal Road     Case #18-019 SUBC     Memo     Notice     Project Info     Plans

McComas Twin Home Renovation
2329 & 2333 Newcastle Avenue    Case #18-063 SUBC     Memo    Notice    Project Info    Plans

Housing Notices

Notice of Availability
Draft Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
Community Development Block Grant Funded Activities for FY2017-18   Notice


Citizen Participation Program (CPP) Meeting Notices

These Citizen Participation Program (CPP) meetings are not held by City staff, but instead are scheduled and held by each applicant. While we will do our best to share accurate information, dates, times, and locations can potentially change. If you find meeting information inaccuracies, please contact Citizen Participation Program Coordinator, Maria Gremban, at (760) 633-2684.

CPP notices are posted to make the public aware of upcoming neighborhood meetings. The purpose of the CPP is to be a preliminary tool for opening a dialogue and to ensure that project applicants and citizens have an opportunity in the planning process to discuss, understand, and try to resolve issues related to potential neighborhood impacts of a proposed project. It is not meant to necessarily change or prevent a project as proposed. Questions about the notice and proposed development should be directed to the contact person listed on the notice.  

Monday, September 24, 2018
Senior Residential Care Facility & Workforce Affordable
3111 Manchester Avenue     Case #17-273 273 TMDB/PRD/MUP/DR/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Saturday, September 29, 2019
1827 N. Vulcan Avenue Condominium Conversion

1827 N. Vulcan Avenue      Case #18-189 PMW/CDP      Notice      Project Info

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Newcastle Ave Retail and Office Building

2027 & 2041 Newcastle Avenue      Case #18-175 DR/CDP      Notice      Project Info

Monday, October 15, 2018
Beacon's Beach Bluff Improvements (Second Community Workshop)
948 Neptune Avenue      Case #18-185 DR     Notice      Project Info