Planning & Building Public Notices

The following public notices have been issued for open public review and comment periods, and upcoming hearings.

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Administrative Application Notices 

Review period ending April 3, 2017

AT&T RRU Expansion
1275 Quail Gardens Drive     Case #16-216 ADR/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Administrative Hearing Notices

Hearing on March 28, 2017

Dengate Garage
3015 Wildflower Drive     Case #16-138 MIN     Notice     Project Info

Gates Acessory Structure
1305 Cornish Drive     Case #16-287 MIN/CDP     Notice     Project Info

Martus/Hyde Temporary Food Stand
4276 Manchester Avenue     Case #16-305 AG/CDP     Notice     Project Info

City Council Hearing Notices

There are currently no notices

Environmental Notices

North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Improvement Project
North Coast Highway 101 between La Costa Ave and A Street within the community of Leucadia
Case #10-035 DR/CDP and 10-036 GPA/SPA/LCPA
Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

Environmental Review and Comment Period - March 21, 2017 - April 20, 2017

Westmont of Encinitas Assisted Living Facility
1920 S. El Camino Real     Case #16-131 MUP/DR/PMW/CDP     Notice     Project Info
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

Finding of Substantial Conformance

Corner Bakery Café Awnings
1476 Encinitas Boulevard     Case #16-242 SUBC     Memo     Notice     Plans

Luri Remodel
1752 Kennington Road     Case #17-009 SUBC     Notice

Divine Remodel
1866 Haymarket Road     Case #17-010 SUBC     Notice

Culture Brewing Company
629 S. Coast Highway 101    Case #17-013 SUBC     Memo     Notice     Plans

Housing Notices

Housing and Community Development Activities
FY 2017-18 Funding Recommendations

Notice of Availability
Draft FY2017-18 Action Plan For Housing and Community Development Activities    

Planning Commission Hearing Notices 

There are currently no notices