Rebates and Incentives

Metropolitan Water District- SoCalWaterSmart

Most residential and commercial rebates are done through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California at

Residential Landscape Transformation Program: MWD’s Landscape Transformation Program is being offered as a new program designed to promote water use reduction and sustainability. Following the success of other incentive programs focusing on landscaping and turf grass removal, the Landscape Transformation Program aims to combine elements of grass removal, irrigation modification, and water retention or filtration to support reuse or soil absorption of rainwater.  Rebates start at $1 per square foot of turf removed. Submit your application today!

For information on the Commercial Landscape Transformation Program, click here!

Available residential rebates include: clothes washers, toilets, rain barrels & cisterns, sprinkler nozzles, soil moisture sensors, and irrigation controllers.

Commercial rebates are available for plumbing fixtures, landscaping equipment, food equipment, HVAC equipment, and medical and dental equipment.

There is also an on-site retrofit program offered through SoCalWaterSmart for commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners, including HOAs, who convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water.

The Water Savings Incentive Program through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provides financial incentives for customized water efficiency projects including: installation of commercial or industrial high-efficiency equipment, industrial process improvements, agricultural and landscape water efficiency improvements, and water management services.

San Diego County Water Authority

Residential and commercial customers are eligible for a FREE WaterSmart Checkup on their properties.  For more information and to apply for your free checkup, visit