Online Applications & Services



The City of Encinitas is migrating to a new permitting/licensing system which will provide many services through a customer service online portal called Citizen Self Service (CSS).

Your registration is required now before the City initiates these services, starting fall 2018 and into 2019.

Registered users will soon be able to conduct business with the City from the convenience of their office, home, or a mobile device.

CSS currently has limited search features and the ability to apply for an RV Parking permit. As the program is rolled out, there will be a wider array of search features and application processes available to registered users.

Step 1: Register

  • In order to take advantage of the full functionality of customer experience, it is necessary to register on CSS. Registration approvals are generally issued within one business day. (Once you have registered, you can skip this step and go straight to Step 2.)
  • Tips when registering:
  1. If you register as a company/entity, the company contact should be the person responsible for paying of invoices.
  2. Consider registering an account for the company with a generic email (i.e. “[email protected]”) and supplying the “main” phone line in order to avoid missed communication.

Step 2: Application Material & Information

  • Go to Applications & Information where you will find a comprehensive list of applications offered at the City.
  • A select number are currently available for online submittal and are denoted with "CSS" next to the name of the application. All other applications can be submitted over the counter (appointment may be required).
  • Clicking on the application name will provide you with information, instructions and a list of items required to apply.
  • Many of the required items are fillable pdf's that you will complete and save to your device.

Step 3: Apply

  • Once you have completed and gathered the documentation associated with the application, you are ready to apply through CSS.

On the CSS website you will find Video Tutorials showing you how to register, use the search features for a select number of items, and apply for permits. Anyone can utilize the search features; all other services, including applying for a permit, require registration.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at (760) 633-2708 or by email.