City Projects

The following City projects are designated as having priority by the Encinitas City Council as part of our Strategic Plan. Links to each active project are included within each of the strategies laid out by the Plan. 

City Capital Projects are managed by the Infrastructure and Sustainability Department (ISD).  Each year the ISD Engineering Teams execute a Work Plan based on funded projects; here are the FY 21/22 CIP Work Plan and the FY 21/22 Traffic Work Plan.

Land Use  El Camino Real Specific Plan
•  Housing Element Site Permit Application Update
•  Housing Element


Rail Neighbor•  El Portal
Leucadia Streetscape I El Portal Undercrossing

•  Cross Connect
•  Verdi Bike and Pedestrian Rail Undercrossing
•  Leucadia At-Grade Cyclist/Pedestrian Rail Crossings 

Mobility•  Mobility Element Update
•  Leucadia Streetscape
Leucadia Streetscape I El Portal Undercrossing
•  Leucadia Boulevard Roundabout at Hygeia
•  Santa Fe Drive Improvements
•  Coastal Mobility & Livability Study
•  Birmingham Drive Streetscape Project
•  Verdi Bike and Pedestrian Rail Undercrossing
•  Trail 82
•  Trail 95
•  Bike Share
•  S Coast Highway 101 Sidewalk Improvements to Solana Beach (CS22D)

Green Initiatives•  Climate Action Plan
•  Community Choice Energy
•  Bike Share
•  Green Building Ordinance
•  EV Charging Station Master Plan

Safety & Maintenance•  ADA Upgrades
•  Annual Street Paving Program
•  Olivenhain Trunk Sewer
•  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Diego County Storm Damage Reduction Project
•  Beacon's Beach Coastal Bluff Restoration Project
•  I-5 Bridge and San Elijo Berm Beach Nourishment Project
•  Beacon’s Parking Lot 
•  B Street Sewer Improvements Project
•  Birmingham Drive Streetscape Project
•  S. Coast Highway 101 Sidewalk to Solana Beach
•  FY 21-22 Annual Street Paving Program

Regional and Outside Agency Projects•  Build NCC - Highway, Rail, Environmental, and Coastal Access Improvement Projects
•  NCTD Railroad Trespasser Mitigation
•  Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) 
•  Utility Agencies Working in the City Right-of-Way

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