Strategic Plan

The City's 2017-2019 Strategic Plan was approved by City Council on October 24, 2018 and updated during a special session on March 6, 2019 covering 2019-2021 projects. The City's Strategic Plan contains the Council's Vision, Mission, Operating Principles and Strategic Focus Areas.  Please read the online version below. For more information on City Projects visit the City Projects page.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan

Download a pdf of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan


City staff diligently work each year to implement the strategies and meet the goals set forth by the Strategic Vision.  Each year, our collective successes are documented in the annual report.  As demonstrated, the 2019 Annual Report and 2019 Highlights and Accomplishments presentation below highlight some of the City's achievements and provides updates for residents regarding future projects.

2020 Annual Report

Download a pdf of the 2020 Annual Report


2019 Annual Report

Download a pdf of the 2019 Annual Report

2019 Highlights and Accomplishments

Download a pdf of the 2019 Highlights and Accomplishments