Public Mapping Tools

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  1. Paper Mapping Kit - instructions    mapping kit    instrucciones   kit de mapeo

  2. DistrictR - online tool 

  3. DistrictR - tutorial video

If you would like to submit a map created using your own software, please email to the [email protected] and include: (1) a gis shapefile and/or a census block equivalency file (using 2020 census blocks); and, (2) a description of the choices and key points of your  map.

Interactive Review Map - 

This tool is used as a way to review, analyze, and compare maps, not create them. Zoom in and out on maps boundaries, view population counts/ID #'s, and view draft maps (once the draft maps are released). Similar to Google Maps in ease of use. Click here for an interactive Council District Boundary Map. 

Other Helpful Resources -

1. Encinitas Community Area Boundaries Map - original community map from incorporation

2. Encinitas Community Area Boundaries Map (with Census Pop Data)