The Inspection Section of the Land Development Engineering division is responsible for the enforcement of all City Engineering standards through field inspection/oversight and ensuring that the vision of the City Council is being met. The City Engineering Inspectors are responsible for the inspection and oversight of all privately constructed development projects throughout the City.  The Engineering field inspectors monitor grading permits, public improvement permits, right-of-way construction permits, utility permits, encroachment permits, and sewer construction permits. Further, the Engineering field inspectors conduct routine stormwater compliance inspections as required by applicable State mandates and local codes.

The Inspection Section also conducts Field Investigation of complaints regarding:

  • Grading Permits
  • NPDES (Stormwater)
  • Drainage
  • Public Improvements
  • Permanent Encroachment Permits
  • Temporary Encroachment Permits
  • Utility Construction Permits
  • Right-of-Way Construction Permits
  • Traffic Control
  • Beach Encroachment Permits
  • News Rack Operations Permits
  • Outdoor Dining Permits
  • Sewer Construction Permits
  • Special Events
  • Building Permits
  • Pool, Spa Permits

Contact: Senior Civil Engineer Steven Nowak at 760-633-2867

BMP Inspections:  760-633-2867
Building Inspections: 760-633-2739