Katie Innes, Principal Planner  760-633-2716   [email protected]

Planning Public Counter (Zoning, Land Use Information)  760-633-2710   [email protected]
Fran Carr, Planner  760-633-2738  [email protected]
Melissa Vasquez, Planner  760-633-2717  [email protected]

Felipe Martinez, Contract Planner  760-633-2715  [email protected]

Business Registration and Regulatory Permits  760-633-2708   [email protected]
Elisabeth Soto, Program Assistant  760-633-2695  [email protected]
Maile Luther, Program Assistant  760-633-2735   [email protected]

Building (Contracted Services by Interwest)  760-633-2730   [email protected]
Ali Sadre, Acting Building Official (Interwest)  760-633-2719   [email protected]
Ellaine Esteller, Plan Checker  760-633-2278  [email protected]
Emily Pena, Permit Technician  760-943-2124  [email protected]
Jay Cheney, Building Inspector  760-633-2706  [email protected]
John Mildbrandt, Building Inspector  [email protected]
Nina Martin, Permit Technician  760-633-2776  [email protected]
Paul York, Building Inspector  760-633-2732  [email protected]
Sandy Hjalmarson, Lead Permit Technician  760-633-2733   [email protected]
Tim Frazee, Building Inspector  760-633-2889   [email protected]