Why is the City conducting the CMLS

A comprehensive plan is needed to determine the location of the various improvements proposed for the rail corridor including: Coastal Rail Trail, Leucadia Streetscape, Drainage Improvements, Pedestrian Rail Crossings, crossing improvements and a quiet zone. More efficient ways to meet parking demand and mobility needs are necessary, particularly as the coastal business districts draw more users. More investment is needed to improve pedestrian and bicycle travel in Encinitas.  The City has entered into contracts with three different firms to perform the studies.  City staff worked with each to coordinate the overall effort.

CMLS Supporting Material

A comprehensive repository of relevant documents is presented below to provide further details and background information.

Active Transportation Plan (ATP)

Coast Highway 101 Streetscape

Coastal Rail Trail




Local and Community Plans and Information

Parking Study

Rail Corridor Vision Study Grant

Regional Plans and Information

San Elijo Lagoon


Wayside Horn and Quiet Zones