The Building section provides plan check, permitting and building inspection services for the City in collaboration with Code Enforcement to ensure  compliance with state, municipal and other land use codes. Building permit and inspection services are provided under contract with the EsGil Corporation.

All building permit applications are submitted digitally through the City's online portal, Customer Self Service (CSS). Registration required.


Inspections may be scheduled for the next business day if the inspection request is received by 3:00 p.m. on the business day prior. Please call the Inspection line at (760) 633-2739. For Engineering BMP Inspections related to building permits, please call (760) 943-2140.

Fees for Energy Efficiency Permits Waived

The City Council has approved a waiver or reduction of permit fees for energy efficient systems such as solar systems and electric vehicle charging systems. See the Energy efficiency permit fee waiver flyer or contact the Planning Division of the Development Services Department at (760) 633-2710 or [email protected] for more information.

Gray Water Systems

The City of Encinitas encourages the use of gray water systems to reduce demands on potable water supplies. Typical gray water systems utilize waste water from hand-washing basins, laundry machines, bathtubs and other similar sources, but not toilets or other contaminated discharges, for subsurface irrigation of landscaping. Information and regulations pertaining to gray water systems can be found on the City’s Gray Water Systems page.

Small Solar Energy Systems

The City Council recently adopted Resolution 2015-13 in compliance with Assembly Bill 2188 to establish a process for small solar energy systems on one- and two-family dwellings.  Please see the Small Solar Energy Systems web page for more information.

Current Building Code Requirements

The City of Encinitas has adopted the 2019 California Building Standards Code, with local amendments. The City codes can be viewed here. Additional information can be found on the California Building Standards Commission website.