Over the past few years, the City has received an increase in the level of inquiries and concerns regarding adverse impacts associated with existing, expanding and new alcohol-serving establishments. The City responded by developing a more proactive enforcement approach and public outreach, particularly in the Downtown area. One of the changes endorsed by the City Council was a Proactive Code Compliance Program for Alcohol Serving Establishment.

Objectives of this new program:

  • Improve relations between business establishments, neighboring community members and City
  • Reduce the type and number of adverse impacts that are being experienced
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of relevant codes and regulations

If you witness a violation and wish to file a complaint, please complete an online Citizen Complaint Form

For a quick overview of the program: PACE Program Flyer

For emergencies requiring immediate assistance from the Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department or an ambulance, call 911.

The PACE Program requires two deputies on the beat typically Friday or Saturday nights, scheduling varies.  To reach a Sheriff Deputy directly during active nighttime inspections, please call 760-330-6255.  If you cannot reach a Deputy during this time, please call the PACE Hotline at 760-633-2633 or the Encinitas Sheriff Station Dispatch at 858-565-5200.

Enforcement Focus Areas

  • Responsible Beverage Sales and Service (RBSS)
    Each Server shall have a valid RBSS/LEAD certification.  Call Code Enforcement at 760-633-2633.
  • Maximum Occupancy Load
    Establishments shall not exceed posted maximum occupancy load.  Call Fire Prevention at 760-633-2820.
  • Noise Standards / Nuisances
    Disturbing, excessive, offensive and unusually loud noise is prohibited. Call Code Enforcement at 760-633-2633 or Encinitas Sheriff’s Dispatch at 858-565-5200.
  • Trash
    Littering is prohibited.  Call Code Enforcement at 760-633-2633.
  • Underage Drinking
    Purchasing, providing or consuming alcoholic beverages under the age of 21 years is prohibited.  Contact Encinitas Sheriff’s Dispatch at 858-565-5200 or visit the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) website.
  • Idling Busses
    Idling motor vehicles more than 5 minutes is prohibited.  Call Encinitas Sheriff’s Dispatch at 858-565-5200.
  • Entertainment Licenses
    An Entertainment License is required for informal and professional entertainment.  Call Code Enforcement at 760-633-2633.