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As part of the process to develop the objective design standards, community input is being requested now through September 10, 2021. The input collected from this questionnaire will be used to inform the team on community priority and preferences for the development of objective design standards. The survey will take around 15 minutes. Examples of development projects around Encinitas were compiled, it is not an inclusive list, but is intended to represent development with a variety of sizes, densities, and building types to assist during the survey if needed by the respondent.
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The State of California has adopted recent legislation, Housing Accountability Act SB 330 and SB 35, to address the State-wide housing shortage that requires cities to review residential developments based on 'objective' standards, such as specific and defined design requirements, rather than on subjective standards. In response, the City’s 6th Cycle Housing Element Program 3B commits the City to review of the Zoning Code, Specific Plans, and Design Guidelines to ensure that development standards and design guidelines are clear and objective for multiple family and mixed use residential development.

In early 2020, the City applied for and received grant funding under the State’s SB-2 Planning Grant Program to complete this project. With assistance from consultant team RRM Design Group, the work effort associated with this project will result in a set of objective design and development standards to be utilized in reviewing future multiple -family and mixed-use development proposals. Existing zoning will continue to regulate building height, setbacks, density, etc., while new objective design standards regulate such criteria as site layout, building orientation, architectural elements, pedestrian connections, etc. to ensure that new housing maintains a  design quality reflective of the five distinct communities in the City of Encinitas.

Guidelines v. Standards

Source: HCD Objective Design Standards Toolkit- 2021

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