The City of Encinitas Traffic Engineering Division manages two programs with the purpose of managing neighborhood traffic flow and speed.  Both programs allow the community to work with staff to enhance safety and preserve community character in Encinitas neighborhoods.

First Tier Speed Cushion Program

The First Tier Speed Cushion Program was designed as a lower cost, more expedited process to address traffic calming requests. Eligible streets will be considered for temporary speed feedback signs and speed cushions.

The City of Encinitas Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (ENTMP)

The Encinitas Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is intended to use neighborhood input to design and implement effective traffic calming measures on neighborhood streets. Such measures include curb modifications, medians, speed tables, traffic circles and other roadway modifications. Examples of successful projects can be seen on Summit Dr, Rubenstein Dr, and Gardendale Rd.

For more information or for a list of streets currently in process please contact Traffic Engineering at