Encinitas Ranch Communiyt Facilities District # 1 boundary map
The Encinitas Ranch Community Facilities District (CFD #1) was established on July 12, 1995 via the adoption of City of Encinitas Resolution Number 95-75, declaring the City’s intention to form a Community Facilities District. This action was taken as part of the implementation of a Development Agreement between the City and the developers of Encinitas Ranch. The purpose of creating this district were to issue bonds to pay for the construction of the public infrastructure, such as streets and roads, drainage, water and sewer services, needed to build the Encinitas Ranch neighborhood.

Under the laws regulating Community Facilities Districts, private property owners within CFD #1, which in Encinitas Ranch are homeowners and the retail shopping center owner, are solely responsible for the repayment of both the principal and interest on the CFD #1 bonds. There is a “Maximum Special Tax” established each fiscal year, for each privately-owned property within CFD #1.  The homeowners and retail center owner are responsible for paying up to that maximum amount each fiscal year.


For questions related to the CFD, contact the CFD Administrator, Willdan Financial – (866) 807-6864 (as indicated on the property tax statement) or [email protected]

For additional questions, contact the City's Finance Department - (760) 633-2640

Documents and Information

City of Encinitas Resolution of Intention to Establish a Community Facilities District

Current Tax Levy Statistics

Current Levy Budget Worksheet

Annual Report