The Traffic Engineering Section is primarily responsible for implementing policy involving pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic movement. The section responds to citizen comments and inquiries regarding traffic-related issues, as well as plans, designs, and implements traffic control devices.

The Traffic Engineering Section provides traffic management services to the traveling public so they can enjoy a safe and efficient transportation system. To that end, the Section is responsible for the development, monitoring, and implementation of traffic improvements in the City. The Section provides for the safe movement of users of the City's circulation system, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. This Section also provides staff support to the Traffic and Public Safety Commission and technical support to the Planning Commission and City Council as needed.

The Section works to develop a safe and efficient transportation network, and monitors the functioning of that network on a daily basis through use of a centralized traffic signal network system, oversight of red light violation cameras at key intersections in the City, and field evaluations. Signal operation is centrally monitored and adjusted when necessary. The City’s computerized traffic signal control system is now interlinked with SANDAG and Caltrans systems providing for better inter-city/agency signal coordination, as well as coordinated regional emergency evacuation protocols. The Section meets monthly with the Traffic and Public Safety Commission, representatives from law enforcement, emergency services, and the regional transit agency to address various transportation related topics in the City.

The Traffic Engineering Section also performs design services for the City with respect to transportation improvements such as traffic signals, improved signing, and other traffic related projects. The Traffic Engineering Section performs field surveys of high accident locations and locations which experience congestion and initiates remedial traffic improvements, investigates requests for traffic improvements, and takes any necessary corrective actions. The Section provides traffic impact review services to private and public development projects to ensure the installation of adequate and timely transportation infrastructure for the traveling public. The Section issues oversize vehicle permits, haul route permits, and designs and reviews traffic control plans.