The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department is responsible for a wide range of services for the City including recreation programs, city-wide special events (Holiday Parade, Spring Egg Hunt, Movies in the Park, Summer Concerts, Cyclovia), park, beach and recreational trail maintenance, management of open space, streetscape maintenance, animal services, and oversight of the administration of the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority.

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department includes the following Divisions:

Administrative Services

The Administrative Division is responsible for directing and supervising all divisions of the department and providing a variety of administrative services, including leases and operating agreements, contract management, grant procurement and administration, design of capital projects, advanced park and facility planning, budgeting, financial planning, special project management, concession management, program registration, special permits, and oversight of the administration of the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority and animal services contracts. In addition, this division provides administration of the Encinitas Sister City program and support for the Youth, Senior, Arts, and Parks and Recreation Commissions.

Cultural Arts

Arts Administration manages the City's Civic Arts Program and Public Art Program, administers the City of Encinitas and Mizel Family Foundation Community Grant Program, supports arts education, conducts research and grant writing, and provides information and assistance to artists and arts and community organizations.

Parks, Beaches and Trails

The Parks, Beaches and Trails Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all park, beach and trail facilities, including 10 miles of streetscapes, 82 acres of open space, 153 acres of both developed and undeveloped parks, 45 acres of beaches, and 40 miles of trails.


The Recreation Services Division is responsible for planning and administering recreation services for youth, teens, adults, and senior citizens. The benefits of these services are endless, including mental and physical well-being, family unity, positive self-esteem, socialization, fun/challenging experiences, and an enhanced quality of life. The Recreation Division also provides a variety of recreational, educational, and sports activities to the public; many of these operate on a fee-for-use basis to subsidize program costs.  The Recreation Division also operates the 39,000 square foot Encinitas Community & Senior Center.