Fire season is here and the Encinitas Fire Department, in conjunction with Fire Departments around San Diego County have created a video series to inform the public of the best practices to ensure your home and property are protected and defensible.  Please follow the links below for these important and informative videos.  

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Part 1 : Defensible Space  

Inner Zone - Defensible Space 

Outer Zone - Defensible Space

Maintenance - Defensible Space

Landscaping - Defensible Space

Part 2 : Hardening Your Home

Roof and Gutters - Hardening Your Home

Chimney - Hardening Your Home

Vents - Hardening Your Home

Eaves and Soffits - Hardening Your Home

Windows - Hardening Your Home

Walls - Hardening Your Home

Garage - Hardening Your Home

Deck - Hardening Your Home

Fence - Hardening Your Home

Water - Hardening Your Home

Access Roads - Hardening Your Home

Part 3 : Preparedness

Start - Preparedness

Emergency Supply Kit - Preparedness

Being Ready - Preparedness

Other Items - Preparedness

Six P's - Preparedness

Evacuations - Preparedness

Evacuation Considerations - Preparedness

Law Enforcement - Preparedness

Be Alerted - Preparedness

Be Set - Preparedness

Go Early - Preparedness

Space Heater Safety

Candle Safety
Fireplace Safety

Home Kitchen Safety

Commercial Kitchen Safety

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