Permanent Best Management Practices (PBMPs): 

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Landscape BMP (Best Management Practices) that captures rainwater to alleviate flooding and improves water quality downstream

Permanent BMPs help keep pollution out of our creeks and the ocean, making it safer to swim and play at Encinitas beaches. These measures are installed to retain and treat stormwater when it flows off impervious surfaces like rooftops, parking lots, roads and driveways.

Typically, Permanent BMP solutions such as rain cisterns, bioretention basins, or permeable pavement, are required to be installed in development projects.

Once a Permanent BMP is installed at a Priority Development Project, the BMP is registered with the city and tracked in the City’s Permanent BMP Mapping System.  Per municipal code and state and local stormwater requirements, annual maintenance verification of these BMPs is required to ensure the continued water quality benefits of these structures.  An annual request is sent to property owners to obtain this verification and includes instructions on how to submit the verification through the City’s online submittal system If you are unsure whether you have Permanent BMPs on your property, use the MyEncinitas app to locate your property and identify BMPs by clicking on the stormwater tab.  

If you would like to learn more about the specific Permanent BMP requirements for development projects, the City of Encinitas’ Best Management Practices Design Manual provides guidelines for all projects seeking a development or redevelopment permit.

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