Phase 3 of the City’s Plastics Initiative will be considered by City Council on April 22, 2020 through a Public Hearing and Introduction of Ordinance 2020-05. The proposed ordinance will amend existing Chapter 11.27 of the City’s Municipal Code, broadening the current Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ordinance to prohibit the following (in summary):

  • The sale of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Food Service Ware.
  • The sale of Plastic Straws and Plastic Utensils.
  • The distribution of egg cartons or food trays made from EPS.
  • The distribution of ice chests, or similar containers, made from EPS.
  • The use of EPS packaging materials.

The City of Encinitas will be accepting comments on draft Ordinance 2020-05 until April 15, 2020.  Please submit your comments to [email protected]

Phase 2 of the City’s Plastics Initiative becomes operative on April 18, 2020, following City Council adoption of Ordinance 2020-02, prohibiting the distribution of plastic bottled beverages at City facilities and special events (effective September 1, 2020).

Phase 1 of the City’s Plastics Initiative became operative on February 22, 2020, following City Council adoption of Ordinance 2019-30, requiring the following of Food Providers (as defined in the Ordinance) in Encinitas: 

  • Starting February 22, 2020 (Ordinance operative date), the distribution of Plastic Straws and/or Plastic Utensils  must be Upon Request of the Customer, or Upon Offer by the Food Provider.  This requirement includes take-out and drive-thru orders.
  • As of August 1, 2020, Food Providers will be prohibited from distributing straws made of plastic.

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For information on alternative products to plastics straws, click here.

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3 Steps to a Plastic-Free Encinitas

The City of Encinitas has identified plastic pollution as an environmental concern. It’s the number one source of debris found at our local beaches during volunteer clean-ups! Plastic bottles, caps, straws, and utensils are polluting our waterways and beaches – and threatening our valuable local resources. 

Single-use plastics and foam products are polluting our oceans, harming fish and wildlife. These pollutants are entering our food chain and affecting our health!  According to National Geographic, 91% of plastics disposed worldwide isn’t recycled at all.

Through a comprehensive plastics reduction initiative, three proposed measures to eliminate this waste are being incorporated into a draft ordinance for future consideration by City Council.  

Step 1:  Distribution of Plastic Straws and Utensils:

  • Upon request or upon offer by the food provider only - including fast food and takeout.
  • Phased prohibition on the distribution of plastic straws.      


Step 2: Plastic Beverage Containers (at City facilities and events)

Prohibit distribution and sales:

  • Plastic bottled beverages (less than 1 liter in size) on City property and at City-sponsored events 


Step 3: Expanded Polystyrene (a.k.a. Foam or EPS)

Prohibit distribution and sales: 

  • Food service ware
  • Egg cartons and food trays
  • Products not encased in hard plastic (Examples include coolers, ice chests, or similar containers) 

Click here to download this infographic. 

Questions about this initiative should be sent to [email protected]