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Wastewater vac-con and crewThe Wastewater Maintenance Division services involve cleaning 123 miles of sewer lines, clearing stoppages, repairing breaks on a routine basis; and responding to emergencies as needed to areas of Encinitas via the Encinitas Sanitary Division and the Cardiff Sanitary Division. The Encinitas City Council makes all decisions regarding both sanitary divisions.

The Wastewater Maintenance Division is also responsible for maintaining the City’s underground storm drain system. This consists of cleaning and maintaining 1,789 storm drain boxes and approximately 65 miles of underground pipes.City of Encinitas wastewater district map

Additionally, our City crews provide emergency services to the City of Del Mar, the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. A separate agency, the Leucadia Wastewater District, provides sewer services to residents in Leucadia and much of New Encinitas.

To see a City map with sanitation districts, click here.

Treatment and disposal

Sewage is delivered for treatment and disposal to either the Encina Wastewater Authority in Carlsbad or the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility in Cardiff. The City appoints elected official representatives to sit as voting members on both of these entities’ Board of Directors.

Sewer Costs

Current users pay only for the costs of collection, treatment and maintenance of the current system. For customers in the Encinitas Sanitary Division and the Cardiff Sanitary Division, sewer service charges are billed on the annual property tax bill. The charge is calculated based upon a percentage of water use at the property. A pre-determined percentage is subtracted to account for outdoor uses such as landscaping and irrigation. Current rates can be found here. Facilities will be needed to accommodate future growth and the cost of future facilities is paid for by developers through capacity fees. Capacity fees are based upon the amount and strength of wastewater discharged to the collection system.

Property Owner Responsibilitiessewer lateral diagram

Property owners are responsible for the sewer pipe, called a lateral, which runs from the home or building to the sewer main which is typically located in the street. The city is accountable for the sewer once the sewage leaves the lateral and enters the main. Property owners’ responsibilities include maintenance and repair of the lateral, overflow cleanup and damages.

Waste Discharge Requirements

On May 2, 2006, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements for Sewer Systems (Order No. 2006-0003-DWQ). The intent of the Order is to regulate all collections systems in the State in an effort to reduce or eliminate the number of Sewer Overflows which, by their nature, pollute the environment. The Order is applicable for all publicly owned sewage collection systems with more than one mile of sewer pipe.

Sewer System Management Plan

Raising a manhole to gradeAs part of the Waste Discharge Requirements the City of Encinitas was required to file a Sewer System Management Plan. The plan describes the activities the sanitation districts use to manage the wastewater collection system effectively. Sections of the plan cover: maintaining or improving the condition of the collection system infrastructure in order to provide reliable service into the future; cost-effectively providing adequate sewer capacity to accommodate design storm flows; and minimizing the number and impact of sanitary sewer overflows that may occur.

Sewer Master Plan

installing new pipeThe Sewer Master Plan provides the City of Encinitas with a comprehensive plan for the development of wastewater infrastructure to meet both the short-term and long-term growth of the City. A major purpose of this plan is to establish the plan for conveyance of all wastewater that will be generated within the City to the treatment and disposal facilities. Another major purpose of the plan is the identification of wastewater peak flows and the evaluation of the capacity of the existing collection and conveyance system to convey these peak flows. The plan outlines recommendations and improvements to provide adequate long-term sustainability of the collection system.

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