The District’s Administration and Finance Division is responsible for the general administration, financial management, and support of the day-to-day operations of the District. In addition to performing many of these administrative and financial services internally, the District partners with the City of Encinitas for matters related to Human Resources, Information Technology, Records Management, Risk Management, Purchasing, and Accounting functions.

District Budget

The District produces an independent two-year budget document which serves as the primary financial planning document for the District. The document provides stakeholders with information about the operations of the District, including sources and uses of funds, operating and capital budgets, and personnel and long-term planning information. The District has a formal “second-year revise” process to update the second year of the two-year budget as necessary and reports to the Board of Directors with quarterly budget reports.

Prior budget documents which were produced in conjunction with the City of Encinitas may be accessed here. Quarterly budget reports may be accessed by searching prior agenda items.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

State law requires that every local government publish within six months of the close of each fiscal year a complete set of audited financial statements. The CAFR is published to fulfill that requirement for the fiscal year end.

Prior year CAFRs may be accessed here.

Water Rate and Miscellaneous Fee and Deposit Studies

As necessary, the District conducts Water Rate Studies and Miscellaneous Fee and Deposit Studies to ensure that the District is meeting its revenue requirements and fully recovering the cost of providing services. In addition, the modeling for the Water Rate Study acts as the District’s primary source for long-term financial planning.

Prior water rate studies and miscellaneous fee and deposit studies may be accessed by searching prior agenda items.