Project Description:


For more than a decade, the City of Encinitas has been developing a major streetscape project commonly known as Leucadia Streetscape, to enhance mobility, parking, and add traffic calming measures along the North Coast Highway 101. The Leucadia Streetscape infrastructure project also includes many elements to improve traffic flow, encourage pedestrian and bicycle use, as well as add approximately 1,000 new trees in addition to the preservation of 92.5% of the existing tree canopy for a total of 1,113 trees growing along the 101 corridor. Project planners worked closely with the community to create a plan that improves traffic flow while encouraging community engagement, space for community gathering, sidewalk dining and retail spaces, as well as outside public seating and public art.


When completed, Leucadia Streetscape will provide the Encinitas and Leucadia community with more pedestrian-oriented opportunities for both daytime and nighttime activities. The project includes plans to install street lighting that offers residents and visitors improved safety and security. The streetlamps will feature a unique and vintage feel that’s reflective of the Leucadia community’s unique character.

Traffic calming improvements will also be added to improve traffic flow, reduce cut through traffic, and enhance the pedestrian/bicyclist experience. Lane narrowing and diagonal parking will increase existing parking by approximately 25%. This project will also create more safe crosswalks, as well as wide, well-marked bike lanes to allow for bicycle riders at every skill level.

Finally, sections of the project area will be dedicated to public gathering places and “art nodes” which will be installed throughout the N. Coast Hwy 101 corridor. These areas will feature public art, community seating and spaces for people to gather. The project roundabouts will also offer new space for public art and native landscaping.

Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin in Fall 2020.


For the latest details about Leucadia Streetscape, check this webpage regularly for updates on the City's new informational website to launch soon.

To view the Leucadia Streetscape project history and timeline, click here.

Additional information about Leucadia Streetscape can also be found on the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association’s website at

Questions regarding Leucadia Streetscape can be directed to Paul Brencick with the City of Encinitas at [email protected].

Project Renderings:

El Portal Street


                                                    Before                                                                                                      After 


Jupiter Street 


                                                    Before                                                                                                      After