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CANCELLED - Exhibit: John Linthurst, Down To The Sea They Come

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Digital Collage and Mixed Media

Exhibit: John Linthurst, Down To The Sea They Come 

On view June 17 through August 10

We are sorry to report that we must cancel the exhibit due to COVID-19 concerns.

Artist Statement

A lighter, fanciful look at beach culture via blended digital collage and mixed media. Often leaning towards spoof, other times - complete devotion. Exhibit becomes a voyeuristic people watching excursion that hopes to draw off the eternal quest for sun, sand, and salt - and maybe a little surf guitar. So much to admire, so much to laugh at, and so many reasons we can't get enough. SD County beaches are at the genesis for each of these works, however multiple embellishments render locations often unrecognizable. The artist has a more contrarian philosophy than most regarding beach art. People come to celebrate the gifts of nature so why photograph them apart? The reality is, beach cities are inundated by sheer summertime mass, and it is more interesting to track that celebration, than to pretend we live in pictorial exotica.