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CANCELLED - Exhibit: Lola Victor, The Infinite Embodied

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Ink Painting on Paper

Exhibit: Lola Victor, The Infinite Embodied

On view March 4 through May 6

We are sorry to report that we must cancel the exhibit due to COVID-19 concerns.

Artist's Reception

Enjoy an evening of visual art on Saturday, March 13, 2021 from 6:00-9:00 p.m., as Encinitas civic and local art galleries swing open their doors at Art Night Encinitas. The event celebrates the city’s diverse visual art scene at 7 participating locations and is free to the public. Enjoy live music, refreshments and shuttles to all locations. 

Artist Statement

The Infinite Embodied is a collection of artworks, that combines Eastern & Western materials, symbols, stories, and methods of making, to pose as an inquiry into powerful narratives of divine femininity. These works are a collective body of work, made of individually channeled expressions of femininity. This work invites contemplation of narrative, both written and visual, through the lens of visionary art, mysticism, and spirituality. Each painting holds a specific narrative or energetic frequency. They are made of channeled acts, allowed by the artist's surrender of form to intuitive movement, to create an embodied glimpse of something beyond or infinite. Each work is one channeled refraction of divine femininity embodied into a physical work of art. Each painting has three elements that braid together to resonate at their unique frequency: a title, an aesthetic composition, and a lyrical incantation.