Bicycle Safety - Sharrows

Bicycle Safety - Sharrows

  • 03/04/2021
Sharrows - A combination of the words "share" and "arrow," sharrows are intended to serve as a visual reminder that all roads (unless specifically marked otherwise) are meant to be shared by bikes and cars.  The painted sharrow symbols are common reminder on popular bike routes where dedicated bike lanes don’t exist.  When encountering cyclists in a traffic lane, car drivers should pass o...

City Council Takes Action to Cap Fees on Food Delivery Services      

  • 02/26/2021
The City of Encinitas Council took measures to limit fees charged by third-party delivery companies for food deliver services for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. During the Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Council meeting, direction was given to City Manager Pam Antil to work with the City Attorney to implement a proclamation and emergency ordinance limiting the delivery fees charged by restaurant food delivery...

City of Encinitas Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Electricity Offering

  • 02/26/2021
On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the Encinitas City Council voted to establish San Diego Community Power’s (SDCP) premium product, Power100, as the default electricity choice for all customers within the City of Encinitas. Power100 will provide 100 percent renewable electricity to customers at a cost that is on par with San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDG&E) current customer rates.   During the meeting, C...


  • 02/23/2021
At the February 10, 2021 City Council meeting, the Council approved the formation of the City of Encinitas Equity Committee as follows: Purpose The purpose of the Encinitas Equity Committee is to help the City of Encinitas and Encinitas community create safe, healthy, accessible, and inclusive opportunities for everyone who lives, works and visits Encinitas. The committee will provide the forum for a diverse mix of voice...

HEADLINE: Homeless Action Plan at City Council, Feb. 24

  • 02/18/2021
The Encinitas City Council will consider approval of the City’s first Homeless Action Plan, at their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 4 p.m. The draft Homeless Action Plan includes strategies to address the community impacts of homelessness in Encinitas and identifies the role of the City and its community partners in combatting homelessness. The City Council agenda and staff report will be posted to the City’s ...
Bicycle Safety - Learn about Sharing the Road

Bicycle Safety - Learn about Sharing the Road

  • 02/17/2021
Be a safe cyclist by learning how to share the road.  Unless otherwise posted, bike riders have the same rights and responsibilities on public roads as car drivers.  There’s a lot to learn and understand about road markings, types of lanes and where and when it’s appropriate to ride on shared streets.  Watch this quick video from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition to learn about what it means to ...

Leucadia Streetscape preliminary construction activities continue this week

  • 02/17/2021
Roadway and mobility improvements on North Coast Highway 101 begin with Phase I of Comprehensive Streetscape project Initial construction is underway to kick off the project to preserve and revitalize North Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia. The multiphase project known as Leucadia Streetscape begins with Phase 1 roadway improvements between Marcheta and Basil Streets, drainage work between El Portal and A Streets, and parking ...

Council Considers Contract for Update to Circulation Element on Feb. 17

  • 02/13/2021
At their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, the Encinitas City Council will consider the approval of a contract for WSP USA Inc. (WSP) to update the City’s Circulation Element, a long-term vision for the movement of people and goods throughout the City. If approved by Council, WSP would begin work and community outreach needed in Spring 2021.  The agenda and staff report for the meeting will be posted on the Ci...

Joint City Council and Planning Commission Study Session on the Draft Sixth Cycle Housing Element, Tuesday, Feb. 16

  • 02/12/2021
A study session will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2020, at 5 p.m., by the Encinitas City Council and Planning Commission to review and discuss the Sixth Cycle Housing Element Update and comments received from State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The Housing Element is required by State law to identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs in order to preserve, improve and develop housing for ...
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