The immensity of the April 10th storm involved flooding that exceeded the capacity of existing storm drains and roadways throughout the City of Encinitas with many homes and business impacted. Homeowners and businesses with damages are encouraged to consult with their insurers for potential recovery. Additionally, the County of San Diego is asking for impacted homes and businesses to report storm damage using the County Link below – this may assist the County with potentially qualifying for Federal Disaster assistance.


The below language and link are posted on www.sdcountyrecovery.com

April 5 - April 10, 2020 Rain Event

During the April 5 - April 10, 2020 rain event, many homes and businesses were impacted by flooding. The County of San Diego is seeking damage information from individuals and businesses affected by this storm. This information will be used to establish damage throughout the County and determine if this event qualifies for disaster assistance. Report your storm damage by completing this form:
https://www.sdcountyrecovery.com/damages-resulting-from-disaster/ .

Completion of this form does not guarantee disaster assistance will be received nor does it guarantee individual eligibility. If you have any questions regarding the information being collected on this form please email [email protected].