Please help keep our beaches open by following the rules during this Pandemic.  The City of Encinitas instituted a phased approach to opening  the beaches,  that carefully weighs the public’s desire to safely exercise on the beach and in the water while still following the County’s Public Health Order of physical distancing and no gathering.  We need the public’s support in order to keep the beaches open.  We know that these are trying times for everyone. We understand that the phased opening approach brings a host of new rules that the public is not familiar with.  As of now, following the rules listed below is the only way that we can safely continue to keep the beaches open:

  • Entering and leaving is only at Moonlight Beach
  • Surfing, swimming, paddling, kayaking allowed only within the Active Zone (between checkered flags on the beaches based on tide levels)
  • No gatherings of any kind on the beach
  • Beach is to be used for walking/running only within the Active Zone (between checkered flags)
  • No stopping, standing, sitting, or lying down.  No chairs, umbrellas, blankets or anything stationary
  • No games or sports on the beach
  • Moonlight Beach Cove closes at 10pm
  • The street parking at the terminus of “C” Street closes at 10pm
  • Please follow the direction of our lifeguards and public safety personnel
  • Please be respectful in our neighborhoods in terms of noise, traffic, speeding, etc.
  • Starting on May 1st, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency is ordering that everyone must wear a face covering anywhere in public if they come within 6 feet of another person that is not part of their family/household

The Moonlight Beach Map can be shared as a link here