Please Help Keep Moonlight Beach Open

Today the Governor announced that the beaches in Orange County are ordered to be closed beginning tomorrow, May 1.  This was due to the overcrowding that has occurred on those beaches recently, and the beachgoers failure to comply with the orders for Social Distancing.  The closing of the Orange County beaches serves as a reminder to us here in Encinitas that the use of the beaches during the COVID-19 period is ours to lose.  We encourage discipline and adherence to the rules as stated in the County Health Order to ensure that the beaches remain open for recreation in Encinitas.  Please help by doing your part.

The City of Encinitas opened Moonlight Beach to the public to provide opportunities for water activities, walking and running.  If you go to Moonlight Beach, please note that compliance to the social distancing requirements of the County Health Order is mandatory, and beaches will be required to close in communities that cannot adhere to the Order.  The beaches were opened in Encinitas as allowed by the County of San Diego with the condition that they be used for active recreation only, and only if the order for Social Distancing can be achieved.  Active recreation includes all water activities except fishing, and the beach activities of walking and running.  The City will be enforcing the County Order, and if compliance is not achieved the beaches WILL be closed once again. 

Beach at Night

Moonlight Beach Cove (main sand area) closes at 10 p.m.  During this past week, we have had large gatherings at the beach at night. This is in direct conflict with the County’s Order of no gatherings.  It also negatively impacts the surrounding neighborhoods.  Please refrain from gathering at the beach at night.  Please note that the Sheriff will be enforcing the County’s Public Health Order during all hours. 


Beginning Friday, May 1, possession of a mask while in public will be mandatory per the amendment to the San Diego County Health Order in further effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and the associated disease, COVID-19.  Masks must be worn when outside your home whenever a six-foot distance from any other person who is not a member of your household cannot be achieved, and while inside any business that is open to the public.  To view the amendment please follow this link.