Encinitas, CA – In response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, the City has issued a Proclamation of Local Emergency and activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Proclamation of Local Emergency

Today, Monday March 16, the Encinitas Director of Emergency Services, issued a Proclamation of Local Emergency for the COVID-19 response. The purpose of the Proclamation is to provide the authority to address any and all impacts and conditions caused by COVID-19 and to obtain any and all assistance from local, county, state or federal agencies, including but not limited to aid and assistance pursuant to the California Disaster Assistance Act (“CDAA”). The Proclamation will be presented to the City Council for ratification during Wednesday’s meeting, or sooner if necessary. A link to the City’s emergency proclamation can be found here 


City of Encinitas Activates Emergency Operations Center to Level 3

Also, today at 12 pm the City activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at a Level 3. The EOC will be open daily from 7 am to 7 pm. This is the lowest level of activation, for the purpose of information gathering and dissemination related to the COVID-19 situation. The mission of the Encinitas EOC is to respond to catastrophic events by providing centralized management of the City’s emergency response personnel, resources, facilities, and mutual aid assistance given the City. To learn more about the City’s role during emergency preparedness and response, visit https://encinitasca.gov/I-Want-To/Emergency-Preparedness/Respond.

For the most up-to-date information and previous updates, please visit the City of Encinitas COVID-19 site at https://encinitasca.gov/COVID-19-UPDATES.

For information or questions contact Tom Bokosky at (760) 633-2631 or [email protected].