Bicycle Safety - Sharrows

Sharrows - A combination of the words "share" and "arrow," sharrows are intended to serve as a visual reminder that all roads (unless specifically marked otherwise) are meant to be shared by bikes and cars.  The painted sharrow symbols are common reminder on popular bike routes where dedicated bike lanes don’t exist. 

When encountering cyclists in a traffic lane, car drivers should pass only when it is safe to do so and make sure to signal and allow a minimum of 5 feet between the bike rider and the car.  When travelling on roadways by bike, it’s important to make yourself visible with lights, reflectors and high visibility clothing.  Also, always be sure to signal your intentions to change lanes, make turns and to stop. 

To learn more about sharrows and other bike infrastructure, as well as traffic hand signals and more, visit the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition website at https://sdbikecoalition.org/