Oil Spill Update 2

City staff, including our Emergency Operations staff, are working closely with the San Diego County Emergency Operations Center and the Orange County Incident Management Team to plan, assess, and mitigate the impacts to our local beaches and lagoons in relation to the oil spill in Orange County. Lifeguards are closely monitoring the local beaches and coastal waters for impacts.

North County coastal cities, including Encinitas, have found tar on our local beaches. We are working closely with the San Diego County Health Department to assess and determine any risk to public safety. At this time, the beaches remain open. However, we do not recommend that members of the public handle, remove, or clean up debris. In addition, do not attempt to help any affected wildlife as this requires special handling. Please contact your local lifeguards or call (877) 823-6926 for wildlife concerns. For more information, please go to socalspillresponse.com.