News Release: City of Encinitas accepts $2 million grant from State Coastal Conservancy

ENCINITAS, CA - The City of Encinitas has accepted more than $2 million dollars from the State Coastal Conservancy to construct the Cardiff Beach Living Shoreline Project in Spring 2018. This dune restoration project is a new approach for California in an effort to protect the shoreline from storm surges while also preserving habitat.

Dune restoration is a useful sea-level rise adaptation strategy because dunes can reduce coastal storm damage by buffering the shoreline from waves and tides. Coastal dunes have been heavily impacted by development and very little of this habitat type remains in southern California, so this proposed project will both restore a heavily impacted habitat and provide a natural sea level rise adaptation at Cardiff State Beach.

The project will construct four acres of beach dunes and a dune footpath, and will support a scientific monitoring program from Charthouse Restaurant to South Cardiff State Beach along the westside of Coast Highway 101.

"The City of Encinitas is finding unique and creative solutions that improve the coastal habitat and public access while also protecting infrastructure," said Shoreline Program Manager Katherine Weldon. "This has been a team effort between the City of Encinitas, State Coastal Conservancy, State Parks and the Coastal Commission."

An added feature of the project includes a newly constructed pedestrian dune trail placed along Coast Highway 101 to allow space for joggers and walkers and reduce traffic in the bike lane.

"The pedestrian trail will be an excellent feature for the community and will improve residents' walkability and connectivity near the beach," stated Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear.

In addition, the San Elijo Conservancy and the City of Encinitas will be expanding their environmental education program to include living shorelines and dune education along with local schools.

Click here for more information on the City of Encinitas Cardiff Beach Living Shoreline Project.