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News Release: Encinitas City Council approves $95.6M budget

ENCINITAS, CA – The City of Encinitas will invest more than $95 million in the new fiscal year (FY 2017-18) to provide residents with important city services and a variety of capital improvement projects. The budget was approved by the Encinitas City Council on June 28, 2017 and went into effect on July 1, 2017. It took six months to develop and included resident feedback from four public workshops.

A total of $82.2 million will be spent on operational costs like public safety, parks and recreation, street
improvements, maintenance services and administration – a 3.9 percent increase over last fiscal year. More than $29 million of that amount is earmarked for law enforcement, fire operations and marine safety services.

More specifically, the operating budget will provide enhanced levels of service for urban forestry maintenance, street striping and cleaning and maintenance services, including sidewalks and public bathrooms. It will also add four more organically managed parks (Sun Vista, Mildred MacPherson, Hawkview and Las Verdes); continue the “Open Doors” program to end veteran homelessness; add holiday lighting upgrades for South Coast 101 and El Camino Real; and add a new public art/sculpture installation program with rotating displays at four locations. The city will also explore initiatives to improve efficiencies and customer service.

No additional full-time employees were added this year and the operating budget includes funding for all required debt and pension payments.

In addition to operational costs, the City will invest $13.4 million in several capital improvement projects (CIP), including $3.7 million for wastewater collection rehab and improvements; $3 million for street overlays; and $1.2 million for park and beach related projects including the development of two additional trails and the installation of shade structures at city parks. More than $2.2 million will be invested in mobility improvements this fiscal year, with $10.2 million budgeted over a six-year period.

Other fully funded CIP projects include phase one of the North Highway 101 Streetscape project, construction of a new lifeguard tower at Moonlight Beach, a pedestrian at-grade railroad crossing at Montgomery Avenue and the design and development of a neighborhood park at Piraeus and Olympus streets. A complete list of CIP projects is available at www.encinitasca.gov/government/city-projects.

Finally, City reserves are fully funded at $13.9 million and provide for emergencies and recessionary revenue impacts.

“The City continues to experience positive revenue growth thanks to increasing property values, solid development activity and growth in the tourism industry,” explained Tim Nash, the City’s finance director. “This has allowed us to provide residents with a balanced budget that promotes fiscal sustainability, enhances city services and provides a variety of much-needed capital projects around town.”

The City’s prior year financial results and current annual budget are available to review at
https://encinitasca.opengov.com, a web-based application that makes the City’s finances more easily accessible and understandable to the public.