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News Release: City gears up for busy summer months by reminding residents about PACE Program

ENCINITAS, CA – The City of Encinitas is gearing up for another busy summer of visitors in the downtown area, and is reminding residents about the PACE Program, which is a proactive code enforcement effort to help ensure health, safety and peacefulness in the downtown Encinitas area and surrounding neighborhoods.

The program was established three years ago to help minimize potential impacts from alcohol-serving establishments. Matters like underage drinking, noise, disorderly conduct and litter are primary focuses of the program, along with operational issues like occupancy loads, idling vehicles, entertainment licenses and responsible beverage sales and service.

When the PACE program started in the summer of 2014, compliance rate was approximately 36%. Today’s compliance rate is close to 95%.

“The program is a collaborative approach between the City, the sheriff’s department, local neighbors, and alcohol serving businesses aimed at upholding the City’s municipal codes,” explained Roy Sapa’u, acting city planner. “The objective of the program is to increase awareness and knowledge of city’s codes in order to better ensure health, safety and peacefulness in our community.”

PACE takes a proactive approach to resolving these issues by conducting inspections of businesses at regular intervals. Late night inspections are conducted monthly during the busy summer months of June, July and August and routine spot inspections are conducted weekly during that same time period. Special patrols are scheduled as needed, and inspections may be initiated by residents who witness a violation.

Under PACE, businesses in violation of the municipal code will be required to come into compliance and may be subject to administrative citations or other corrective actions.

In addition to the PACE Program, the City Council approved a new ordinance at its June 28 meeting to further clamp down on these unwanted impacts. The so-called “deemed approval” ordinance will allow the City to evaluate permits for establishments that have recurring public nuisance complaints and require a new conditional use permit with stricter limits.

“This new ordinance, together with our already-established PACE Program, will help the City maintain the tranquility desired by its residents and visitors,” continued Sapa’u. “It’s another tool in our toolbox.”

If you witness a violation and wish to file a complaint, please call the PACE 24-hour hotline at (760) 633-2622 or Encinitas Sheriff’s Department non-emergency dispatch at (858) 565-5200. Residents must also submit a complaint online.