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2017 Environmental Award Winners

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear presented awards for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship to two Encinitas individuals for their organizations’ commitments and dedication to environmental awareness and for demonstrating outstanding eco-friendly practices and contributions to our community. This is the 3rd year for this Environmental Commission initiated Environmental Awards Program (EAP).

Winning in the Non-profit or Individual category was Mim Michelove, co-founder of the non-profit Healthy Day Partners, which has worked with schools for over a decade to teach children and parents about the complete cycle of food, from farming to healthy eating to sustainability.

Winning in the For-profit business category was Rich Risner, owner of Grounded Landscape Architecture, which promotes environmentally-sensitive landscapes using drought-tolerant plants and landscape planning which creates spaces in appropriate balance with nature.

“Congratulations to our deserving 2017 award winners, and thank you to all the EAP volunteers, sponsors, judges and our Encinitas community for your outstanding efforts to set a high standard for environmental stewardship.” “These awards give our environmentally friendly residents and businesses the recognition they so greatly deserve for being forward-thinkers and community leaders in environmental stewardship,” explains Encinitas Environmental Commissioners Jim Wang and Joy Lyndes.

The 2017 EAP was sponsored by the Encinitas Environmental Commission, the City of Encinitas Surfing Madonna and Coastal SAGE Landscape Architecture.

Mayor Blakespear presented these awards at the November 5, 2017 Beach Run after running the in the race. This year the race made an official attempt to set a Guinness world record as the world's largest run on sand. Surfing Madonna’s mission is to keep our oceans clean, our coastline protected, and to provide opportunities for disabled kids and adults to experience the healing power of the ocean; and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting our ocean from the harmful effects of pollution, and to cultivating new ocean advocates.