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City Launches New COVID-19 WebsiteThe City of Encinitas has a new COVID-19 website! You can take a tour of the site here: http://coronavirus.encinitasca.gov/.

The new site provides up-to-date information on what recreational facilities are open, the services available for seniors, resources for small business, a list of what restaurants are “open for business,” and much more.

Check the website frequently for new information and resources.

San Diego County Revises Orders on Face Coverings Beginning today, May 1, all San Diego County residents are required until further notice to wear cloth face coverings in public when within 6 feet of another person who is not a member of their household. Cloth facial coverings should cover the nose and mouth, and can be homemade masks, bandanas, scarves, or neck gaiters that can be washed and reused.

Face coverings must be worn in public settings, such as:

  • Waiting in line to go inside a store
  • Shopping in a store
  • Picking up food at a restaurant
  • Going into facilities allowed to stay open
  • Working an essential job that interacts with the public

Face coverings are not required to be worn:

  • At home
  • In the car alone or with members of the same household
  • For children under 2 years old, due to the risk of suffocation
  • When swimming, walking, hiking, bicycling, or running—provided there is social physical distancing
  • When advised by a medical doctor

Residents are still required to stay at home except for essential business and activities, and practice social physical distancing of at least 6 feet when out in public.

The revised order can be found here: https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/Epidemiology/HealthOfficerOrderCOVID19.pdf.