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City of Encinitas Posts Shark Activity Notices

Encinitas, CA - Due to recent reports of shark sightings and activity in the North San Diego County region and out of caution for safety, the City of Encinitas today posted advisory signs for "Shark Activity" on all public beach access points to advise beachgoers to use caution when swimming. The shark sightings and activity have been away from swimmers and have thus far been deemed non-aggressive. Despite the heightened vigilance, Encinitas beaches will remain open.

Encinitas lifeguards are on heightened awareness and they are following the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association Shark Sighting and Incident Response Guidelines. In addition to the posted signage, Encinitas lifeguards will be closely monitoring for shark activity.

Coastal waters in Southern California are a known nursery habitat for white sharks, according the Shark Lab at California State University in Long Beach, which studies the physiological and behavioral ecology of marine animals and the effect of human activity on the ocean. Lifeguards will continue to follow best available public safety practices and work with the Shark Lab and California Marine Safety Chiefs Association.

Anyone with questions should contact the Encinitas Marine Safety Division Captain Larry Giles or the City's Marine Safety on-duty sergeant or lieutenant at (760) 633-2750.