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Fifth Public Hearing for District-Based Elections on November 15

The City Council met on Wednesday, November 8 during their regular meeting to consider proposed maps for district-based elections. “Citizen Map 016” was selected and an ordinance incorporating this map was introduced. The ordinance will be considered for final adoption at a Public Hearing during the City Council meeting of November 15, 2017.    

This map provides for creation of four Council districts.  The Mayor would continue to be elected on at-large basis, as was determined by the voters previously.  To see the districts created in "Citizen Map 016" click here.  This map attempts to maintain the five communities of Encinitas to the greatest extent given the need to provide population balance and other factors used in the creation of districts.  All maps proposed can be viewed on the Proposed Maps page of this website.

If this is ultimately approved by the City Council, election of Councilmembers would begin with the November 2018 general election and would be complete with the November 2020 general election.  Thus far, four public hearings, a workshop, and a special Council Meeting have been conducted on this topic. 

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the upcoming public hearing and to provide comments.  This can be done by submitting written comments to the City Council and also by attending the upcoming City Council meeting.