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Encinitas opened beaches at the earliest possible date allowed per the Public Health Order by the County of San Diego on Monday, April 27, to allow the community to recreate safely on the beach.  The Public Health Order had been amended to allow beaches to open for recreation only, and was specific that gatherings of any size are not allowed to ensure social distancing can be maintained.  Additionally, the Public Health Order states that the beaches can be open if, and only if, the local community has the capacity to ensure that social distancing requirements can be upheld.  There have been instances of people gathering on the beaches which have exceeded the capacity of Encinitas’ Marine Safety personnel to ensure compliance, which has resulted in Sheriff Deputies being dispatched to restore order.  To ensure safety for the community and Marine Safety personnel, everyone visiting the beach must obey the Public Health Order to use the beaches for recreation only while maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask whenever you are, or may be within a six-foot distance to any person who is not a member of your own household.  Excessive non-compliance to the current Public Health Order will result in closures of the beaches.