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In a continued effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the San Diego County Department of Public Health Order is still in effect.  While amendments to the Public Health Order have allowed Encinitas beaches and certain retail stores to reopen, wearing masks in public is now compulsory in public if there is any chance you may come within 6-feet of another person who is not a member of your household.  This is critical when using stairways to access Encinitas beaches.  There are no stairways to any beach that provides a 6-foot separation between people entering or exiting the beaches and it is critical that a mask be worn by every person who uses any stairway to or from any Encinitas beach.  While on any Encinitas beach, please keep in mind that social distancing, with or without a mask is mandatory and the beaches are open for recreation only.  Per the Order of the Department of Public Health, beaches must be closed if upholding all elements of the order exceeds the capacity of the local jurisdiction to ensure the safety of the people within a community, and the visitors of that community.  Cooperation through the duration of this temporary Order is imperative to ensure the beaches remain open to all those who recreate responsibly.  Please do your part to ensure the beaches will remain open so that everyone can enjoy the therapeutic value of recreating on Encinitas beaches.