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This week is National Public Works Week as proclaimed by Mayor Blakespear at the May 20 City Council meeting. Public Works Week is a way to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works to their daily lives.  The City’s Public Works Department and the San Dieguito Water District are proud to provide service to the City of Encinitas every day – including during the COVID crisis. We’re responsible for planning, building, maintaining and operating the City’s infrastructure and work to keep our city safe and clean; we’re key players in disaster prevention, preparedness, mitigation and recovery.

We encourage you to learn about some of the less visible systems that are usually taken for granted by viewing our educational video. Like a great symphony, there’s an orchestra of infrastructure services that require harmony and rhythm to keep a city going and this week we’re giving our divisions their solos on social media. This orchestra is working hard in these difficult times to ensure that while the rhythms of our daily lives may be disrupted, our access to critical infrastructure and resources is not.