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The City Council voted unanimously in its August 26, 2020, Council meeting to launch a pilot program to increase education about the importance of wearing a facial covering. Due to the importance of this program in stopping the spread of the virus, and that it is mandated by the County Public Health Order, the program will be conducted by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.  The County order requires the use of a facial covering when social distancing is not possible, so the education effort will take place on weekends in busy pedestrian areas such as the Downtown and beach staircases.  A Sheriff Deputy will provide guidance on where and when masks need to be worn and will also distribute masks to those that do not have them.  While the County Health Order does provide for penalties for those that do not comply, the City is optimistic that people will comply with the order.  

Did you know?  Masks with valves are not protective to others and should be avoided.  Also, to be avoided are “gators” which due to their construction can vaporize exhaled droplets into smaller particles which can travel further. 

Preventing the spread of the Coronavirus is the best way to keep each other safe and acting now will allow us to resume our normal lives and activities sooner rather than later.