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Bicycle Safety - E-bikes

Let’s talk about e-bikes!

E-bike popularity is booming.  It’s important to know that people riding e-bikes on the roadways and in public places are subject to the same rules and responsibilities as motor vehicle users.  Here are some suggestions when it comes to riding an e-bike (which apply to riding any bike). 

Do: Ride in the same direction as traffic

Do: Wear a helmet and buckle it properly

Do: Signal your intentions to other road users by extending your arm or politely calling out

Do: Obey all signs and signals on the road (that includes all stop signs)

Do: Pass slower moving traffic on their left

Don't: Ride on sidewalks, trails or paths where bikes are not allowed

Don't: Weave in between cars (parked or moving)

Don't: Ride in the "door zone" (this is the space where people in parked cars may open their doors into traffic)

A major difference with e-bikes is speed. So it's even more important to ride safely, predictably, to be visible, and to be alert.  Visit the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition e-bike specific webpage to learn about e-bike classifications, CA Vehicle Code laws relating to bikes and more.  https://sdbikecoalition.org/ebike-classifications-and-laws/