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Bicycle Safety - CA Vehicle Code and what you need to know!

Did you know that people on bicycles (including e-bikes) are subject to the provisions of the California Vehicle Code?  In California, bike riders are subject to many of the laws applicable to the driver of a vehicle, which simply put, means bikes must follow the rules of the road!

Keep it safe and legal to avoid the chance of getting a ticket. Below are some of the main California Vehicle Codes (CVC) that bicyclists must follow.  For complete California Vehicle Code descriptions, click here.

  • 21650 CVC-Ride in the same direction of traffic
  • 21202(a)CVC- Ride to the right edge of road as practical
  • 21201(d)CVC- Proper reflective equipment (applies during night operation, lights and reflectors)
  • 21212(a)CVC- Helmets for under 18 years of age
  • 21204 CVC- Do not carry passengers on your bicycle unless your bike has an extra permanent seat or when using a child safety seat
  • 21453(a)CVC-Stop at red light
  • 21453(b)CVC- Stop before right turn on red light
  • 22450(a)CVC-Stop at stop sign
  • 21200.5- Riding bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (same rules as a DUI in a vehicle)

 Play by the rules of the road, ride safe and enjoy your ride.  Learn more about bicycle safety and find other great cycling resources for education and fun at the City of Encinitas' Cyclovia webpage at www.EncinitasCA.gov/Cyclovia